Plum Relish Schools

We create tasty, fresh, and wholesome food that kids and adults love to eat.

Initially we launched Plum Relish to focus on office lunches, but we quickly realized that delicious, fresh, and healthy food is a perfect fit for schools as well.  Whether the kids are in the plain pasta crowd or are budding foodies, we have delicious options that they will love.  Plus, it’s food that teachers and parents can also enjoy and feel good about.

- Sarah Van Dell, CEO

A better way to feed your entire school community. We offer students, teachers, and faculty a meal to look forward to each day.

For Administrators

School-sponsored lunch

Plum Relish provides full-service lunch options for schools seeking delicious and wholesome meals, without the headaches. Food is prepared in our kitchen and delivered to your school on-time each and every day.

For Parents

Parent-sponsored lunch

Plum Relish offers parents the ability to order from Plum Relish one-off, every day, and everywhere in-between. On-line ordering and payment and various meal choices each day make this a gift to busy parents and a mid-day delight for your kids.

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