Grow your lunchtime eaters outside the dining room.

We partner with your culinary and operations teams to offer an office-focused (al desko) catering menu, powered by our back-end toolkits and digital platform.

Friendly consumer platform.

We'll place your new bento meals on our platform, making it easy for offices to order group lunches.

Plum Relish Order Platform

Own your customer experience. Manage your new growth.

View all of your orders in real-time and grow your database of new offices and customers.

Plum Relish Order Platform

How it works

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Step one

We'll work with you back-of-house team to bento-ify your existing menu.

Our team works with your back-of-house to create a drop-off lunch menu that’s delicious and profitable. After almost two years in our own kitchen, we'llbring our menu management and growth formula to you!

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Step two

We handle all of the logistics and customer support before, during, and after every lunch.

You use your food and labor, and we take care of the rest. We'll use our sales team to ensure new customers and add your new menu bento to our admin-first ordering platform. You'll see your orders in real-time on our admin portal.

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Step three

Watch as your new lunchtime catering customers and revenue grows each week.

We'll bring you a new customer base of brands and lunchtime eaters. With our sales team and technology platform behind you, we'll guarantee your brand's success in the first 90 days ater launch.

Contact us to learn more and get started.