A simple way to feed your team.

Whether you are an executive, an administrator, or an office eater, Plum Relish will make your life easier.

Plum Relish calendar

Pick a date and plan ahead.

Each day has a set menu with three distinct lunch choices.

Plum Relish calendar

Choose your team’s lunch or invite them to choose their own lunch.

Lighten the lift of ordering lunch with a special ordering link. Sit back and watch the magic happen as individuals choose their own lunch box choice. Gluten-free, vegan, and even paleo – it’s all good.

Sponsor a meal for your team and pay for what you eat. No more. No less. No guesstimating. No additional food waste.

Plum Relish calendar

Eat up and enjoy.

We’ll be there on-time with your team’s lunch boxes. Plus some fresh bread and dessert bites. We’ll even write their names on them for you. Super organized, and minimal clean up.