From our kitchen to your conference room.

Sample daily menu.

Always three options per day.

Chef’s Signature Bento


Miso-citrus chicken

Shaved asparagus with lemon zest

Orzo salad

Vegan Bento


Grilled portabella mushrooms

Cauliflower puree

Fire-roasted peppers

Couscous with bell peppers

Paleo Bento


Salmon with salsa verde

Jicama slaw

Roasted cauliflower

Order right.
Waste less.

Single-serving boxes enable you to order the right amount of food... and pay for the right amount of food! Gone are the days of leftover catering trays and picked-over sandwiches. One meal per person. Simple.

Thoughtful sourcing.

Where your food comes from matters. A lot. Leveraging relationships with farmers, we provide food that is fresh and produced in a sustainable manner. It’s food you can feel good about. And it’s just plain good.

A meal for every eater.

Plum Relish is committed to providing great lunches for a range of dietary preferences and restrictions. Each day we offer flavorful foods that also happen to be Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free.