Making the work day better, one meal at a time.

Our story.

Sarah and Amanda both love food. They also love work. And a good deal. They aren’t alone. Because of that, it was an endless mystery how their former corporate colleagues were consistently disappointed with lunch options.

True believers that there is always a better way, Sarah and Amanda set-out to find the Holy Grail of office lunching.

Using their own experiences as office eaters and lunch orderers, they created a unique type of food service company. Built initially to delight the noon-time crowd and to satisfy wallets, Sarah and Amanda are building the company they always envisioned. Top service. Great quality food. Tech-enabled. Super simple.

Today, Plum Relish provides exceptional food, individual meal selection, and an accessible price point for almost everyone. Plum Relish is food we love to eat made by a company we have created from one simple idea. Better food, delivered to you.

- Sarah and Amanda

Amanda Leader

Amanda Leader

Co-founder and COO

Bio | Prior to founding Plum Relish, Amanda held senior roles at The Advisory Board Company, most recently serving as Executive Director over the firm’s leading subscription business. During her 15-year tenure in sales and member services, she was elected to the firm’s Policy Committee for her commitment to her teams and placing “members at the center”.

Amanda earned her BA from Brown University and resides in Washington, DC where she lives with her husband and two children.

Hometown: New York, NY

Fun fact: Scored perfectly on math SATs, but can’t follow a map

Favorite Plum Relish meal: Thai-beef salad!

Bread vs. Brownie: Is that a real question?! Brownie, of course!!

Sarah Van Dell

Sarah Van Dell

Co-founder and CEO

Bio | Prior to founding Plum Relish, Sarah spent ten years in marketing and finance roles across Beijing, New York, and Washington, DC. Most recently, she served as a Senior Director at The Advisory Board Company, where she led the renewal program on nine technology products.

Sarah earned her MBA from New York University and her BA from Emory University. Sarah resides in Washington, DC.

Hometown: Easton, CT

Fun fact: Beat Serena Williams in Uno

Favorite Plum Relish meal: Salmon w/Salsa Verde

Bread vs. Brownie: Both, please